Emission Measurement System Simulations

The development of emission inventories and regulations relies on the results from emission testing. Because of its high temperature and high concentrations, the raw exhaust from combustion sources needs to be diluted for speciation and quantification, especially for its particulate components. Therefore, the fabricated dilution system is essential to almost all emission testing procedures and major combustion sources.


We employ CTAG to investigate the dilution processes of the same diesel exhaust inside two dilution tunnels, a T-mixing dilutor and coaxial mixing dilutor. We aim to answer the following questions: 1) How do the turbulent mixing processes in the two dilutors differ from each other? 2) How does the turbulent mixing process interact with aerosol dynamics that affects particulate emission measurements? Future studies will compare the turbulent mixing processes inside the dilution systems with those in the atmosphere.

dilution_4 dilution_3 dilution_2 dilution_1


Related Publications

Wang, Y; Yang, B; Lipsky, E; Robinson, A; Zhang, K, Analyses of turbulent flow fields and aerosol dynamics of diesel engine exhaust inside two dilution sampling tunnels using the CTAG model. Environmental Science & Technology. 47 (2):, 889-898, 2013

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