Mobile Platform for Emission Characterizations

Researchers at EERL have been developing and refining methodologies on quantifying on-road emissions using mobile platforms since 2004. We have demonstrated a cost effective approach to characterize the emissions from a large number of on-road vehicles, which are critical to constructing more accurate mobile emission inventories to represent the on-road vehicle population.

  • 2004-2006: Designed the mobile platform measuring on-road, community, and airport air quality [1,2]
  • 2005: Derived, for the first time, the size-resolved on-road particulate emission factors [3]
  • 2007: Measured fleet average on-road emission factors for cars and trucks in Beijing using mobile platform [4]
  • 2008: Measured fleet average and some individual emission factors for cars, trucks, and buses before and during 2008 Beijing Olympics Games using mobile platform [5]
  • 2009: Measured individual emission factors for 230 trucks and 57 buses in and around Beijing within one week, for both cruise and transient conditions using mobile platform [6]
  • 2010: Measured individual NOx and black carbon emission factors of over 440 trucks in Beijing and Chongqing. Showed the ineffectiveness of NOx emission controls for on-road diesel trucks in China [7]


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